The wrasse section, like all sections, is a ‘catch and release’ event (see info page).

After signing in at one of our official locations, you are free to roam the entire Cornish coastline, either by yourself or with friends, from Friday evening until Sunday lunchtime.

To register any fish that you have caught, we just need you to supply us with clean and clear photographic proof of your longest fish (more info will be supplied on how best to do this – and of course we are using ways to ensure authenticity) by 1pm on the Sunday.

Prizes will be awarded to the three longest wrasse recorded during the weekend. These may all be awarded for a tied first place, we’ll have to play it by ear and see what happens. I am fully aware that ‘weight’ would be the ideal format for wrasse as they vary so much in size and shape, but for this weekend only, you are not fishing for the heaviest, fattest wrasse – you’re fishing for the longest one!


– Target species: Ballan Wrasse (smaller varieties obviously exist, but the Ballans will win the day!.

– Minimum qualifying length: NO MINIMUM SIZE!

Shore only (‘Shore’ definition limits entrants to fishing locations reachable only on foot. You must be able to walk to and from your chosen mark, and all the way along/around it. No swimming, skishing, kayaks or boats.).

Lure (and fly) only (artificial baits/lures only. Hard or soft – including Berkley Gulp and Marukyu Isome. No natural baits are permitted).

– Your personal angler entrant card must appear in all photographs with your personal number clearly visible (cards are provided at sign-in).

– To qualify fish must be measured from the nose to the tip of the tail.

– Photographic proof must clearly show the nose of the fish accurately aligned with the ‘zero’ mark and the tail closed and straight over the tape. Badly aligned fish will be disqualified! – we will be extra strict on this!

– Qualifying fish must be measured on flat sand, rock or grass to ensure that tapes are not stretched along bent fish.

– Tape numbers must be clearly visible in photos.

– The angling zone extends from the north Devon/Cornwall border point west of Morwenstow on the North Coast and the west side (Cornwall) of the River Tamar on the South. Plymouth is out of bounds. See map below.