Apart from accommodation and the obvious tackle requirements (rod, reel etc.), what will you need?


– A 1m+ long tape measure. Ideally this will be the hard’ match type, or be the suitably ‘large number’ tape style. The main priority is that numbers along it’s length are obvious when taking photos of captured fish.

(tape measures will be provided for a small charge at The Art of Fishing if required)

– A digital camera. A phone camera will suffice, but ideally all entrants will carry a proper camera with removable memory card. This will ensure good quality photographic proof and enable us to quickly and easily verify fish measurements.

– Your unique identifier card. This must be carried on you at all times and must be clearly visible in all fish photos. You will be provided with this card when signing in.

Highly Recommended:

Good, solid footware. The organisers will not be held responsible for personal accidents occuring on the coast. The Cornish coast can be rough, rugged, steep and slippery, so good footware is a must.