Species Section – SALTWATER ONLY

– Target species: any saltwater species.

– Minimum qualifying length: no minimum size

Saltwater species only. Pike, Perch and any other freshwater species (including Seatrout and Salmon) caught during the weekend will not count towards your species total.

Shore only (‘Shore’ definition limits entrants to fishing locations reachable only on foot. You must be able to walk to and from your chosen mark, and all the way along/around it. No swimming, skishing, kayaks or boats.)

Lure only (artificial baits/lures only. Hard or soft – including Berkley Gulp, Ecogearaqua and Marukyu Isome. No natural baits are permitted).

– Your personal angler entrant card must appear in all photographs with your personal number clearly visible (cards are provided at sign-in).

– To qualify fish must simply be photographed along side the entrants unique card. Size of fish is irrelevant.

– The angling zone extends from the north Devon/Cornwall border point west of Morwenstow on the North Coast and the west side (Cornwall) of the River Tamar on the South. Plymouth is out of bounds. See maps.

Special prizes will be awarded for the top 3 places, and also to the top visiting angler from outside of our most local counties Devon and Cornwall.

In the event of a tie, we use the following points system to differentiate between angler catches. If a tie does occur, the angler with the most points will claim the highest place. If points are tied, the place is shared.

Species Points 2016:

Bass 35
Blenny: Common 12
New! Blenny: Tompot 34
New! Bream: Black 55 Reduced
Bream: Other 99
Cod 97 Increased
Dogfish 94
Dragonet 53
New! Flatfish: Flounder 40 Reduced
Flatfish: Plaice 77
New! Flatfish: Turbot 73 Reduced
Flatfish: Topknot 90
New! Flatfish: Other 99 Increased
Garfish 51
Goby 11
Gurnard 70
Herring 31
Mackerel 14
Mullet: Any 63
Pollock 10
Poor Cod 29
Pouting 36
Rockling: Any 88 Increased
Sandeel 22
Scad 29
Scorpion Fish 20
Shad: Any 87
Smelt 15
Weaver Fish: Any 47
Whiting 59
Wrasse: Ballan 19
Wrasse: Corkwing 25 Increased
Wrasse: Cuckoo 86 Increased
Wrasse: Goldsinney 18
Wrasse: Rockcook 82 Increased
Anything else 101