To bring the event back to it’s original, more social roots, there is just one sign-in point this year at THE ART OF FISHING in Wadebridge.

Each year it is essential that you are present to both pick up your unique entrant card, and also – the real reason why we need you there, in person – is to sign the disclaimer forms for the event. All anglers must be present to sign this themselves.

You can sign in at the following places, between the stated times:

1) Wadebridge – The Art of Fishing. Event HQ. All entrants wishing to have a look around will receive 10% off all items during the course of the weekend. 11am – 7pm Friday. 9am – 5pm Saturday. (you only need to sign in once).

Anglers may sign-in before 12 noon, but are restricted to leaving until noon itself.