Q: Where is the presentation this year?

A: I don’t know yet as this will depend on numbers. There are a few options within short walking distance of the Art of Fishing in Wadebridge, and this will be announced with a note on the shop door during Sunday morning. Just head for the shop and you’ll easily find us from there.

Q: I have never fished in Cornwall before and am travelling down from further afield. Will I be having to compete against local anglers who know the area very well?

A: Each year, visiting anglers place very well in the overall prizes. However, we have an extra prize in each category just for the highest place visiting angler outside of the overall top three. Visiting anglers placed within the overall top three will obviously win that prize!

Q: I want to fish a members only/club/staff area on the coast. Can I fish it during the Festival?

A: Sadly not. In the interests of maintaining a fair event for all entrants, members only/club/staff areas are out of bounds. To qualify, an area must be free for the general public to fish. This is good for the competition.

Q: should I place my tape measure on top of or under the fish I catch and photograph?

A: Under, or very slightly to the side. Apart from being very hard to take photos while both hands are holding a tape, if we keep tapes flat the it is easier for us all to be consistent.

Q: Can I also sign my friends in when I reach one of the registration points?

A: No. It is really important for us that we can gain the signatures of all entrants to insure ourselves against any personal accidents that may occur during the weekend.

Q: will there be food and drink available at the presentation?

A: Yes! Wherever we are, there will be food and drink options available.

Q: Can I pay for my ticket when I sign in?

A: Yes. But please be at the shop either before 11am or after 1pm to do so to avoid peak times. You can enter and sign-in earlier than 12 noon, but can’t leave the shop and get on your way until noon.