When?: 6th – 8th October, 2017

What?: Lure Fishing (Bass) Competition

Where?: The whole of Cornwall!

This is our main event of the year and revolves around the fabulous bass fishing we have here at this time of year.

Running a fully catch and release concept, this competition/get-together revolves our bass fishing (species/wrasse sections will return in their own event July 2018). Anglers are also allowed to fly fish if they wish.

Not at all a serious event, the emphasis is on having fun and exploring our generally clear Cornish waters for all manner of fishies. With a little bit of luck you may even win yourself some prizes!

Run through the information pages here for full details on how you can (very simply) join in. Tickets will be available over the counter at the “Art of Fishing” or online (click here). This is as much a social event as anything and even if you just want to come along to pick up a few tips, we’ll have people on hand to answer your questions. If last year was anything to go by, we’re in for a brilliant weekend!